Zbojovsky Cognitive Behavioral Consulting, LLC, offers comprehensive evidence-based treatment and consulting services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and organizations. Evidence-based modalities are the gold-standard treatment for mental and behavioral health issues because they are substantiated by numerous clinical trials and years of research demonstrating their efficacy in improving client's symptoms. At Zbojovsky CBC, it is strongly believed that clients should be treated as she would want her family members treated and receive the very best care possible. Therefore, only evidence-based treatments are utilized to address the presenting issue.

Dr. Zbojovsky offers a range of services, including:

Diagnostic evaluation

All new clients participate in an initial evaluation. This evaluation will help me to better understand each client’s presenting symptoms, therapeutic needs, and goals for treatment. The initial evaluation helps me to determine if the type of therapy that I provide would be an effective way to treat a client’s presenting symptoms. It also provides clients the opportunity to evaluate if they feel that I can meet their therapeutic needs and if they feel comfortable beginning the therapeutic process with me. 

Individual therapy

Dr. Zbojovsky utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) interventions, both of which are strength-based approaches that focus specifically on practical skill acquisition uniquely tailored to each client's individual goals.

Family therapy

​Dr. Zbojovsky believes that family relationships can play an important role in the therapeutic process for clients. When it is therapeutically beneficial to the client, Dr. Zbojovsky utilizes family therapy to change behaviors of one or more family member aimed to improve the functioning and quality of life of the client and their family members. 

Parent training and support services

Dr. Zbojovsky utilizes Parent Management Training (PMT) with parents of children across the lifespan. PMT is engaging and hands on. This evidence-based approach helps parents decrease their child's negative, acting out behaviors and increase positive, prosocial behaviors. Dr. Zbojovsky teaches PMT both individually and in a group format. Individual PMT includes parent(s) for one family and focuses on teaching parent(s) the most effective parenting strategies to address a range of child behavioral issues. The group format, which has been coined "Parenting Boot Camp", teaches the strategies in a group setting that includes 3-5 sets of parents. 

Dr. Zbojovsky also offers various parent support groups. Currently, she offers a support group for parents of children with mental illness, including parents with adult children. 

DBT skills training

Dr. Zbojovsky runs Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills groups for children, adolescents, and young adults. DBT skills groups generally range in size from 4-8 individuals who meet for an hour once weekly. Group members are taught DBT skills using a manualized treatment protocol. This includes the following modules for Adults and Children: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance. The Adolescent DBT skills group also includes an additional module, Walking the Middle Path, that teaches skills relevant to the parent-adolescent relationship.

After completing the DBT skills training group, clients have the opportunity to participate in a DBT Graduate group. The DBT Graduate group meets on a weekly basis and focuses on the practice and generalization of skills learned in the DBT skills group. The group also helps clients to trouble-shoot difficulties with the application of DBT skills in the real world.

Social Skills Training

Social skills training is offered ​in an individual therapy format, meaning one to one social skills training, as well as in a group therapy format. Social skills training is offered for elementary and secondary school-aged children and aims to teach children and adolescents social skills that can promote not only making but also maintaining meaningful relationships. Navigating social relationships is no easy task. Social skills training focuses on teaching a variety of social skills (i.e., reading nonverbal social cues, active listening, dealing with cliques, social networking and social media, and self-awareness) in a supportive and fun environment.

Phone coaching and consultation

Clients who participate in the comprehensive DBT program can access Dr. Zbojovsky after hours for "in-the-moment coaching". Dr. Zbojovsky coaches clients to use DBT skills in difficult situations that arise between therapy sessions.

Consultation and In-Service Training

​The reality is that life is transactional and individual therapy can only go so far when clients spend the majority of their time interacting with others, so Dr. Zbojovsky believes in not only helping individuals change their lives, but also the systems and communities in which they live. To that end, she provides consultation to schools and organizations, in-service trainings, advocacy and recommendations at school child study meetings, and community talks.


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